Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

My blogs featured on problogger


I’ve decided that I could really easily be a true media hound. I love it when people write about me– or even when something I write about myself gets prominently displayed. Like today, an article that I submitted about my blogging experiences is being featured on Problogger. Problogger is a website devoted to helping people make money from blogging (duh). It’s a really big site that gets tons of traffic, so this is great exposure. Plus, we’ve already had people approaching us about advertising on some of our sites. So, this has been truly exciting. If you want to check out what I wrote, you can directly link to it here.

One thing I didn’t really emphasize in the article– and perhaps I should have– is that the Olympic idea was really divinely inspired, not in a weird, kookey sort of way. But we’ve had some debt issues, and I had been praying a lot about it, and this seemed to be the answer. I believe the project was blessed by God. By that I don’t mean that we had the Divine stamp of approval, per se, but more that I believe God has complete control over whatever money comes our way. So, if God’s will is that our site makes money, it makes money. If not, it doesn’t. That doesn’t mean that we don’t put in the effort. I don’t believe that if I put up a blank website that God is going to bless that… Well, anyway, I seem to have passed over into rambling. But I hope some of this makes some sort of sense to someone :) I guess I can wrap it up by saying that I’m very grateful and humbled that God has seen fit to bless us in so many ways, including financially.

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